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Welcome to our practice! Our office appreciates the opportunity to provide you with quality dental care. With your cooperation we can help you keep your smile beautiful and mouth healthy.

All phases of dentistry are performed at the office. I personally perform dental cleanings. I feel better able to monitor your complete dental health if I not only fill your teeth but check them entirely while cleaning and polishing. My office is conveniently located out of my home in East Northport. All phases of dentistry are done, from routine checkups, thorough  cleanings, both silver amalgam and cosmetic bonded fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants. Family dentistry is what I am about as I welcome both senior citizens and children into my home office. In addition to functioning well and being comfortable all of my dental work is cosmetic; it will look good.

In addition to traditional dental services my office can also provide custom fit anti-snoring devices. It has been found to greatly reduce snoring and increase energy for people who snore due to air-way restriction or obstruction. Ask at your next visit and I will explain the science behind this innovative simple treatment. You and your loved ones may get better rest.

Bleaching is all over news and who doesn’t want a brighter smile? This is another service we offer. There are several methods to helping you attain a whiter smile; one such method can include providing you with a custom professionally fit tray and a prescription only whitening substance. The advantage of this system includes a lower cost to maintaining your new bright smile. Once the trays are fit you can re-bleach next year for a fraction of the cost or build in to your routine a method to continually update your smile once a month.

Children respond well to me! I am a mother myself and very good with the younger generation. Now there is no need to pay higher fees for a pedodontist and no hassles to locate and get your child used to a new dentist once they age out of a pedodontist’s practice. Your entire family can come to the dentist together. Showing your children you value oral health is great legacy to pass on and I can help.

Our office is on the ground level and many disabled patients find this really helps in accessing our services. There is no step to bother with if you happen to rely on a wheelchair or a walker. Since we are directly accross the street from Atria Assisted Living Center many of ours neighbors there enjoy more independance by being able to come to our office without relying on their family to drive them. They can save their family visits for really visiting instead of transportation to doctors.

We participate in a few dental insurance plans but will work with any and all plans. Please bring any insurance information with you and we will take care of the paperwork for you whether the payment will come to our office or directly to you. We accept cash, check or credit cards. For extensive dental work we will work out a payment plan that you can afford.

To our current patients we say “Hello, hope you are well and we will see you around. Don’t forget to brush!”. To our future patients we also say “Hello! We can’t wait to meet you.” At your first visit you can expect to fill out the customary paper work and then we will go over you oral health  with you. You can tell us what you want and what you expect. We will give you our recommendations and you will leave with a better understanding of your oral health.